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Hydra Storm and Sanitary Sewer Modeling Software

HYDRA: Design That Stands the Test of Time Design That Stands
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Hydra 7
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Hydra® software is a full-featured program used by environmental and civil engineers to model and design urban drainage systems. It helps you estimate wastewater flows, and then calculates the resulting hydraulics within the collection system. It provides tools for managing all types of flows, including sanitary wastewater, stormwater inflow, rainfall-dependent infiltration, and groundwater infiltration. It helps you understand how the whole sewer system works under various conditions -- today and in the future - and identify potential problem areas. Hydra software creates preliminary design for new sewers and suggests improvements for existing systems. It helps you optimize your pipe network, and find the most cost-effective way to solve system problems. The Hydra program has been used by thousands of engineers since its first commercial release in 1973. Version 7 is the user-friendly next-generation interface to the reliable Hydra analytical engine.

Hydra Software
HYDRA for Municipal Systems
Cities, sewer districts, military bases, and other urban areas
HYDRA for Civil and Environmental Engineering Consultants
Civil and environmental engineering consultants
HYDRA for Highway Agencies
Federal and State highway agencies, hydraulic engineers
HYDRA for Universities
Civil engineering students and professors
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Hydra Software
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