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Looking to the future:
Next generation Hydra

Todayís HYDRA® software is the result of over 30 years of continuous development. While many different programmers have been involved over the years, Allen Peyser, PE, the original author of HYDRA and founder of Pizer Incorporated, provided consistent oversight and vision for HYDRA sewer modeling software.

For over a decade now, Allenís son and daughter, Dale Peyser and Cindy Safronoff, have been working with him to learn the variety of skills required to lead a sewer modeling software company. With so much of his knowledge passed down to the next generation, Dale and Cindy have taken over the role of oversight and vision for Pizer Incorporated and the continued development of HYDRA. In tune with a new generation of software users, their mark on Pizer Incorporated is already evident. Under their direction, Pizer Incorporated has taken on the goal of setting a new standard for the next generation of sewer modeling software.

As Chief Operating Officer, Cindy oversees the business side of things. The company is actively working to clearly communicate the complex ideas of hydraulic analysis to potential sewer designers of all types, experience levels, and cultures. As part of this effort, the company recently overhauled the Pizer website to better serve customers around the clock and around the world, with more automation and resources coming on-line all the time. Yet even with the expanding internet focus, Pizer Incorporated remains committed to the old-fashioned customer service value of being easily available by telephone as well.

As Research & Development Director, Dale Peyser leads the design and development of new products and technologies. Dale brings a unique expertise to the job with extensive experience in software design specifically for sewer modeling. Extremely dedicated to the profession of computer programming, he spends most of his waking hours outside of work honing his skills with the latest software development tools and testing implementation alternatives for new feature innovations.

Now that Allen is under less pressure and has more time for personal enrichment activities, he is enjoying work more and in fact claims heíll never really retire. Allen continues to be involved in the on-going development of the hydraulic analysis engine and is an active participant in the HYDRA User Group discussion forum.

Like a house to be updated and redecorated to suit the tastes of a new generation and incorporate the latest technology, HYDRA and Pizer Incorporated have both been through a major remodel in recent years. The functionality remains the same as always, but the improvements will be appreciated for many years into the future.

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