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Articles on HYDRA®

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  • Savings in the Land of Lincoln, 'A' Magazine, Nov/Dec 2001.
  • Sewer Model Helps City Conserve Scarce Funds, Water World Magazine, November 2001.
  • Case Study:  Software Solution:  Dynamic Sewer Modeling Saves Time and Money At Bethesda, HFM Magazine, November 2001.
  • Hydraulic Model Lowers Cost of Storm Sewer Replacement, Pollution Equipment News, October 2001.
  • Project Profile:  Dynamic Model Pinpoints Bottlenecks at Naval Hospital, Stormwater, July/August 2001.  See article.
  • Growing City Lets Model Take Guesswork Out of Sewer Planning, Water Engineering & Management, July 2001.
  • Sewer Model Helps Community Plan For The Future, Water & Wastewater International, June 2001.
  • Dynamic Modeling:  Sewer Model Saves Time and Money By Pinpointing Bottlenecks at National Naval Medical Center, The Military Engineer, March/April 2001.
  • Pipeline Model Allows City to Delay Building New System, Civil Engineering, April 2001.
  • Project Profile:  Separating a Combined System, Stormwater, March/April 2001.
  • Sewer Model Helps Fast-Growing Community Plan for the Future, Competitive Utility, January 2001.
  • Hydraulic Model Saves Lincoln on Large Sewer Construction Project, Illinois Municipal Review, December 2000.
  • Hydraulic Capacity Analysis Pinpoints Sewer System Bottlenecks, Government West, November/December 2000.
  • Geographic Information System Aids Atlanta Stormwater, Watershed Planning, Stormwater, November/December 2000.
  • Aiding Community Growth With Sewer Modeling, Public Works Magazine, October 2000.
  • Hydraulic Model Helps Save Money on Sewer System, Water World Magazine, September 2000.  See article.
  • Software Analyzes Storm Drainage, Roads & Bridges, September 2000.
  • Pipeline Modeling Software Helps City Conserve Scarce Improvement Funds, Water Environment & Technology, September 2000.
  • Sewer Software Helps City Save Money, American City and County, August 2000.
  • Software Analyzes Storm Drainage for Port Authority, Pumps and Systems, August 2000.  See article.
  • Computer Modeling for Future Growth, Public Works Magazine, June 2000
  • Worst Case Scenario:  Using a Sewer-Modeling Program, Engineers Analyze the Effects of a 25-year Storm on City Streets, 'A' Magazine, May/June 2000. See article
  • Software Determines Storm Drainage and Pumping Needs, Flow Control Magazine, April 2000.  See article.
  • City of Surrey Adopts New Sewer Model, Civil Engineering, April 2000. 
  • Sewer Model Helps Postpone $2 Million BC Sewer Project For Five Years, Environmental Science and Engineering, March 2000.  See article.
  • Modeling System Helps Limit Rehab Costs, Water World, Oct 1999.  See article.
  • Modeling a Sewer to Develop SSO Control:  Phased Approach Used to Characterize Metropolitan St. Louis System, Water Environment & Technology, July 1997.

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