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Evaluating Sewer Modeling Software? How HYDRA Compares!

If you plan to do an evaluation of sewer modeling software, be sure to read the new white paper by Allen Peyser, PE, industry pioneer and original author of HYDRA®, and Cindy Peyser, Chief Officer of Pizer Inc. The HYDRA Difference: Understanding HYDRA’s Design-Solution Approach explains fundamental differences between HYDRA and the competition for the benefit of those entrusted with evaluating software options for upcoming projects.

While many options for sewer modeling software have become available in recent years, HYDRA® by Pizer Incorporated continues to be an important option to consider. However, HYDRA's unique design-solution approach makes it difficult to compare it to competing software, as the feature sets are not necessarily similar.

The paper provides insight to help you understand and compare software options in six core areas of functionality:
  1. Hydraulic Analysis Calculations: Dynamic Wave vs. Dynamic Step. Most other sewer models use the dynamic wave approach to hydraulic calculations, but HYDRA uses a fundamentally different dynamic step approach. Understand the inherent advantages and disadvantages to the two different approaches.
  2. Backwater Calculations and Sewer Overflows. Learn how the differences in the two inherently different approaches translates into optimization of design solutions to eliminate sewer overflows.
  3. Methods for Estimating Flow Input. The importance of flow loading is discussed, including an overview of the variety of methods available.
  4. Extended Period Simulation vs. Dynamic Design Storm. The two new methods that have taken the place of the traditional synthetic storm for design criteria are explained. Decide the best approach for ensuring that the collection system will handle the worst-case scenario.
  5. System Design and Construction Cost Estimation. Surprisingly few software evaluation studies explore the area of system design and construction cost. Learn more about considerations of design of new system components and design solutions.
  6. Cost of the Software. Read a discussion on the cost of sewer modeling software beyond just the initial purchase price. Find out why HYDRA costs so much less than most of the competition.
A primary objective of sewer modeling software evaluation should be to ensure that the municipal client will get the best value. This paper will help you keep your focus on what features are important for your upcoming design projects.

To download a copy of The HYDRA Difference, please click here or call 1-800-222-5332.

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