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Features Overview

HYDRA® software offers full-featured hydraulic analysis for municipal sewer systems. It models all types of flows, including sanitary wastewater, stormwater inflow, rainfall-dependent infiltration, and groundwater infiltration - in a realistic way, so you can really understand how the sewer system is working

Sanitary Wastewater
HYDRA® software provides very flexible tools to organize your data and estimate sanitary flow contribution. The model can have any number of flow injections directly associated with collection system entities, or using any number of flow generation layers (polygons or points) to represent land use zones, service areas or sewersheds, ownership parcels, or building footprints.

Stormwater Runoff
HYDRA® software is very flexible for how you simulate rain events, both for design storms and actual storm. You can use intensity-duration-frequency (IDF) curves, rain gauges, data from radar, or synthetic rain events. You can model runoff using three methods: Rational, SCS, and True Hydrographic Simulation.

Infiltration and Inflow
HYDRA® software tracks each type of flow separately through the collection system, including sanitary flow, groundwater infiltration, rainfall-derived infiltration, and stormwater inflow -- critical for accurately calibration. Simulate I&I for actual rain events using condition data from maintenance inspections.

System Design
In addition to modeling existing collection systems, HYDRA® software is able to design new sewers and provide construction cost estimations. You provide basic design criteria, and the program automatically finds an optimal solution for the conditions. For both new system design as well as design options for relieving existing systems.

Worst-Case Scenario Analysis
How will your sewer system behave under worst-case conditions? For sanitary sewers with high I/I, or combined storm and sanitary, HYDRA® software shifts the timing of the storm so the peak of the sanitary flows coincides with the maximum peak flows for your storm, in order to show the worst conditions for your design criteria.

GIS Integration
From many years experience working with municipalities, the whole structure and design of HYDRA® software is oriented to GIS. It works with AutoDesk® AutoCAD® products, ESRI ArcGIS™ products, and others. All features are fully integrated into the Hydra interface!

Proven Over Time
Hundreds of municipalities, large and small, have used Hydra, as well as military bases, consultants, and highway agencies. The HYDRA® program has proved it's reliability for over 35 years. Hydra has been an industry standard in the United States and Canada since its start as a commercial sewer modeling computer program in 1973.

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