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Flexibility For
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HYDRA® software is a stand-alone analytical geodatabase capable of dynamic integration with industry-standard GIS and CAD platforms. With the release of Hydra version 7, GIS and CAD integration has been taken to a new level of flexibility and sophistication. There is simply no other sewer model as easy to integrate with your municipal information systems as Hydra.

A History of GIS Innovation
In 1973 Hydra software became the first commercially available sewer modeling computer program in the United States. In 1988 with the release of the GIS Master module, Hydra became the industry’s first sewer model to use geographic information system (GIS) technology. With such depth of experience with GIS throughout its entire evolutionary development, Hydra takes a time-tested practical approach to GIS integration, giving you simple user-friendly interfaces while providing optimum flexibility for efficient modeling work, as well as dynamic integration with your evolving municipal information systems.

ArcGIS Shapefiles
You can easily exchange data with ESRI products, including ArcGIS, ArcView, and ArcInfo. Hydra version 7 provides import and export between Hydra layers and ESRI Shapefiles directly from the Hydra interface. Map your GIS fields to the Hydra model fields, and create your own custom fields for your layer within the same dialog box.

Drawing Exchange Files (.DXF)
Hydra easily imports Drawing Exchange Files (DXF) from AutoDesk products including AutoCAD, AutoCAD Map, as well as other CAD program. A simple dialog box within the Hydra program interface allows you to select from multiple layers within the DXF file, and chose from several options for handling of entity graphics.

Drawing Features within Hydra
Hydra includes basic drawing capability within the Hydra program. The ultimate in ease of use and convenience, a simple drawing editor within the Hydra program interface allows you to add, delete, and move pipes and other model elements on any existing layer in your Hydra model -- ideal for making just a few changes to an existing model. Or you can use it to create a new layer. The simple menu tools are so easy to use -- no CAD training required!

GISMaster: AutoCAD Drafting Made Simple
If you need to use a more powerful drafting tool, the Hydra package includes a software add-on tool for AutoDesk® AutoCAD® called HydraDXA (the new GIS Master) which makes it easy to use AutoCAD to create and edit drawings for use with Hydra -- with minimal training in AutoCAD software. The HydraDXA menu within AutoCAD software provides simple tools for drawing pipes and land areas, and provides a simple time-tested system for creating appropriate data layers. HydraDXA ensures the integrity of your identification numbering system is maintained as you add and delete drawing entities, and import and export between Hydra and AutoCAD. The HydraDXA tool works with multiple AutoCAD versions, including AutoDesk Map software and other AutoDesk products.

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