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The following are links to websites of products that work with Hydra, or may be of interest of people in the HYDRA® community:

EARTH software by Pizer Inc - The earthwork volume calculations that were developed for Hydra are also available in another software program by Pizer Inc called EARTH™. EARTH software is refreshingly simple to use -- no CAD skills required! In just a couple of hours you can be working full tilt on your first grading and excavation project. There is nothing like it on the market today for simplicity, flexibility, and low cost.

ICOMMM - ICOM3-DSS™ integrated CMOM decision support system, and PicAx™ for visual condition assessment of underground sewer pipes. Exports data to Hydra for hydraulic capacity analysis and imports the analysis results for use in decision support.

GBA Master Series - GBA Sewer Master sanitary sewer collection system inventory, inspection, and analysis software. Exports data to Hydra for hydraulic capacity analysis.

OneRain - Formerly NexRain and DIAD. Provides historical gage-adjusted radar-rainfall data. Hydra-ready format is available by request.

Larry's Library - Papers on CMOM and preventative maintenance by Larry Rugaard, former manager of Stege Sanitary District in El Cerrito, California.

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