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New Features in HYDRA Software

New Innovations
in the Continual Evolution
of Hydra Software
HYDRA® software has a track record of over 35 years of innovation in its continual evolution. New features and program modules are added continually, and are available at no extra cost to customers who are current subscribers to software maintenance and technical support.

Hydra version 7
We are pleased to announce the release of the next-generation version of Hydra software. With this complete re-build of the graphical user interface, there is simply no other hydraulic modeling package as flexible, powerful, and easy to use as Hydra. Just a few of the major new features include:
  • All-new interface
  • Dynamic GIS integration
  • Analysis scenario-oriented project organization
  • Flows on any layer
  • Flexible flow data
  • Drawing capability
  • Dynamic error-reporting
  • More query features
  • New hydraulic results output
  • New rain and flow meter features
  • And much more...
Version 7 New Features brochure (PDF - 564KB)
View a 2-page brochure as a PDF file, describing the new major features in version 7 of the Hydra program.

Hydra 7 User Manual: Getting Started (PDF - 1.35MB)
View documentation for Hydra version 7 as a PDF file. This is an overview of the major new features, along with step-by-step instructions for using the new features. Helpful for Hydra 6 users preparing to convert projects to Hydra 7.

Software Maintenance Updates
New features are added to Hydra software continually, and made available to current users through software maintenance subscription. We welcome feedback and feature requests from users! See recent software update descriptions:
Nov 2016 Update (PDF)
Mar 2016 Update (PDF)
Aug 2015 Update (PDF)
Mar 2015 Update (PDF)
July 2014 Update (PDF)
Apr 2014 Update (PDF)
Aug 2013 Update (PDF)
Mar 2013 Update (PDF)

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