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HYDRA software version 7
Hydra® software for analysis, design, and management of storm, sanitary, and combined sewer systems. The standard version is an unlimited pipe-capacity version with no restriction on the number of pipes in your sewer model, and we also offer a 200-pipe capacity limited version. Hydra is a complete stand-alone software package, delivered by digital download. The license agreement for this version describes your rights. Purchase price of a Hydra 7 software license includes one full year of basic technical support and software maintenance updates and upgrades.

   Standard unlimited version:   $4,500.00
   200-pipe limited version:     $1,250.00
   Upgrades from 7.x: $2,250, 6.x: $3,150, 5.x: $3,600

Hydra software maintenance and technical support
Features are continually being added to the Hydra software package. In fact, you can request new features at any time and we will add them as soon as possible. We release software updates which include new features, updates for changes in the computer environment, documentation updates, and bug fixes. Rather than charge users varying upgrade fees at irregular intervals, we offer a maintenance and support program at a predictable annual cost, which includes all updates and upgrades, as well as basic technical support. There is no obligation to continue subscribing to the maintenance program, however we are unable to support older versions of the software.

   Standard annual fee:   $1,250.00
   200-pipe annual fee:   $ 250.00

Purchase terms
All prices are in US dollars. We accept cash and credit cards securely through PayPal. Purchase orders are welcome for sales in the USA and Canada, for 30-day payment terms. Digital delivery is standard. Additional charges apply to any physical packages. Sales tax is collected only for sales to organizations in Washington State; all others are responsible for paying their own sales or value added tax, duties, import taxes, tariffs, or fees.

Sole Source Provider
Hydra software by Pizer Incorporated is currently available for sale exclusively from Pizer Incorporated. We currently have no authorized software distributors or sales representatives for Hydra software.

Prices good through December 31, 2013

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