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Reports and Output

The Reports
You Want

HYDRA® 6 provides a variety of tabular reports, graphics, and other output formats for your project data.

HYDRA's Pre-Formatted Results Reports
For hydraulic analysis results, the HYDRA® package includes a set of formatted reports, ready to print.  Records can be sorted by lateral (or other named group), analysis order, or unique identification number.  You can use and customize these reports as needed with Microsoft Access 2000 or later.

System Summary Report

Existing Pipe Report

Pump Report
Creating Your Own Report
No matter how you like your reports to look, or how you like to organize your data, you can create the reports you need.  You can export HYDRA's data (both input and hydraulic results) and import it into a database, spreadsheet, or report program to create and print your own reports.

Hydrograph Output

Input Data Report

Existing Pipe Results
Copy and Paste into Your Documents
Much of HYDRA's data, such as hydrographs, pipe profiles, and entity records, can be copied and pasted into other text documents or spreadsheets.  You can also paste the data for hydrographs and profiles into a spreadsheet or database program to create your own graphs and charts using those tools.

For indepth reading, check out Chapter 9 "Data Output and Reporting" of the Hydra 6 User's Manual.

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