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From Simple
To Sophisticated

The stormwater runoff modeling features of the new Hydra® software version 7 are flexible, powerful, and easy to use.

Full Spectrum of Methods
Hydra® offers a full spectrum of methods to define runoff characteristics and model stormwater runoff on any layer in the project.
  • Rational Method. A simple way to use a rainfall intensity/duration/frequency (IDF) curve to find the peak rate of runoff. HYDRA improves on the traditional TR-55 method, creating runoff hydrographs for realistic routing through even the most complex collection system.
  • The SCS Method. One of the most popular methods for municipalities, using time of concentration (TC), the Santa Barbara SCS method is more sensitive to small urban runoff basins.
  • True Hydrologic Simulation. A highly sophisticated technique inspired by Crawford and Lindseyís Stanford Watershed Model, which is highly sensitive to land use changes and can be fully calibrated.

Rational Method

Santa Barbara SCS Method

Hydrologic Simulation
Flexible Rainfall Input Data - Radar Data Supported
For calibrating the model to actual rain events, you can use any number of rain gauges. Or you can use radar data calibrated to meters on the ground to most realistically test against historic storms. You can purchase radar rainfall data from OneRain (formerly NexRain) in a format ready for input in Hydra®.

Rainfall Hyetograph

Radar Data

The Hydra interface

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