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"I have to admit the folks at Pizer are some of the most friendly customer service oriented people I've come across in the software support field. Nice job."
Project Engineer,
San Francisco, California
If you ever have a problem using any component of the HYDRA® software package, just pick up the phone and call us! You can even call us if you don't have a problem -- if you ever just want to talk about your project, or just say hello. We are always happy to hear from our customers. Call toll-free: 1-800-222-5332. We want you to be successful in your project!

We provide a variety of resources to Hydra users to help you on your way to a successful project.
Knowledge Base
A searchable source for information including troubleshooting steps, solutions to common issues, how-tos, and latest downloads.
  Support Assistance Request
Contact a technical support professional to get help on using the program. A web form helps you provided the needed information to answer your question.
    Discussion Forum
Discuss issues related to hydraulic modeling with other Hydra users and expert guest hosts through the on-line Hydra User Group discussion forum.
Version Information
Are you using the latest version? Find out here.
  Project Data Review
Submit your project data for review by a technical support professional.
    Feature Requests
What features would you like to see added to Hydra? This is your chance to impact future versions.
Get the most from Hydra by learning from an experienced modeler.

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