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Quick, Easy Comparative
Hydraulic Analysis
This Hydra 6 feature not currently implemented in Hydra 7.
An optional add-on module is available to allow HYDRA® software version 6 users to model portions of their sewer collection system with SWMM Extran. This data export feature gives users the flexibility of being able to perform a comparative hydraulic analysis if desired.

How It Works
Use the GIS integration features, data input tools, and extensive data verification available in HYDRA® software to get a model of your entire collection system up and running. Create the various analysis scenarios for your project using the many flexible flow loading features in HYDRA®. View the results of hydraulic analysis, and calibrate the model.

Use the Selection Set features in HYDRA® software to delineate a sub-system within your collection system for a comparative analysis with SWMM Extran. For all the entities in the SWMM sub-system, choose from the 42 supported SWMM entity types. The SWMM parameters are described and illustrated in a dialog box. HYDRA® software supplies reasonable default values for all data parameters for SWMM entity types, so you can start working with SWMM immediately.

Delineate a basin for comparative SWMM analysis using Hydra 6

Define any extra parameters required in a dialog box

HYDRA® software creates a DAT file ready for analysis with SWMM
SWMM Extran Hydraulic Analysis
HYDRA® software version 6 creates a complete SWMM Extran DAT file, containing all the necessary EXTRAN input data, including control information, analysis criteria, link and node data, etc.  HYDRA®'s stormwater runoff, defects flows, sanitary flow loading, etc, are loaded as "K Cards" for the SWMM model.  The DAT file is ready for immediate analysis using EPA SWMM EXTRAN 4.4gu, through the HYDRA® interface, to create an OUT hydraulic analysis results file for your review.  If you prefer to use another SWMM sewer modeling program, simply convert or modify the DAT file as necessary.

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