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"What I needed to know was whether we could make substantial improvements by repairing a few key areas, and if so, what were they? ... The [Hydra] model helped us understand how we can solve the problems with the least possible expense."
City Manager, Live Oak, California

"The [Hydra] model identified the areas that were the worst and [our consultant] provided intelligent recommendations as to how the surcharges could be alleviated without repairing or replacing major sections of the system. The $140,000 required for the first year repairs will obviously be much easier to obtain than $9 million to replace the entire system."
City Manager, Live Oak, California

"With the [Hydra] computer model, we could design and optimize a complicated system that combined old and new components."
Project Manager, Peoria, Illinois

"This was our biggest sewer project in years. Many people wanted assurance that the city would get a good return on its investment. The [Hydra] computer modeling was helpful for that, especially all the iterations they did to get the best cost. The system [designed using Hydra] has been built and it works."
Finance Chairman, Lincoln, Illinois

"We looked at situations such as whether adding land to our service area would require changes in pipeline sizing, and what would happen if we transported flows from one service area through another one. The [Hydra] software gave us solid answers about what would happen under many different scenarios, and it provided them relatively quickly and inexpensively. We are confident we have found very cost-effective solutions to handle the anticipated growth."
Assistant City Engineer, Boise, Idaho

"The hydraulic analysis gives us confidence that we can defer new construction and still serve the area's growth demands. And by deferring the work, we gain time to gather fees from the new customers in that area that we can apply against its cost. That way, it significantly helps our cash flow and results in a lower project cost on a present worth basis."
Assistant City Engineer, Boise, Idaho

"The ability to run analyses and the report in only 80 hours convinced the firm of the efficiency of using this [Hydra] software for evaluating drainage system performance."
Senior Civil Engineer, Hamden, Connecticut

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