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HYDRA Timeline

From the late 1960's to the mid-1980's, HYDRA was used via mainframe timeshare rental. Arguably the first commercial program of its kind.
In 1984 the first "microcomputer" version of HYDRA was born, followed by one for IBM-PC.
In 1985, HYDRA 3 introduced the innovation of separate hydrographs for sanitary, stormwater, groundwater infiltration, and rapid interflow -- still unmatched today!
In 1988 HYDRA 5 for DOS was released. Optional modules linked to dBASE database and AutoCAD, for the sewer modeling industry's first GIS integration.
HydraGraphics version 1, released in 1993 was a stand-alone GIS interface for DOS HYDRA. It was also the first sewer model for the Microsoft Windows operating system. Version 2 and 3 made incremental improvements.
HYDRA 6, released in 1998, eliminated the DOS components of the programs. Versions 6.1 to 6.4 made incremental improvements.
HYDRA 7, released in 2010, is a complete re-build of the interface using the latest design elements and development platform. It is a stand-alone analytical geodatabase, using scenario-oriented project organization. Available by digital download.

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